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Real Time Euronext Amsterdam  -  24/05 14:38:16 CEST
19.40 EUR   +0.52%
29/04Intertrust N.V. maakt winstcijfers bekend voor het eerste kwartaal eindigend op 31 maart 2022
29/04BEURS VAN AMSTERDAM : Hogere opening AEX voorzien na rally op Wall Street
29/04Intertrust duikt in rode cijfers
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29/04Intertrust N.V. Reports Earnings Results for the First Quarter Ended March 31, 2022
29/04TRANSCRIPT : Intertrust N.V., Q1 2022 Earnings Call, Apr 29, 2022
29/04Intertrust underlying revenue back to growth in Q1
29/04Intertrust underlying revenue back to growth in Q1
29/04Intertrust underlying revenue back to growth in Q1
25/04INTERTRUST N : How to navigate the brave new world of virtual due diligence
22/04INTERTRUST N : Singapore tightens requirements for family offices applying for tax incenti..
21/04INTERTRUST N : Five expected trends from the pandemic for Asian investment funds
15/04INTERTRUST N : Singapore is changing its work visa rules for foreign employees
13/04DIVERSITY, EQUITY AND INCLUSION : raising the bar in private investing
13/04INTERTRUST N : Is Luxembourg poised to become one of the most favourable European jurisdic..
12/04INTERTRUST N : Is private capital in Asia about to close the technology gap?
08/04INTERTRUST N : Private capital in Europe needs a fresh approach to technology
06/04GLOBAL ENTITY SOLUTIONS : supporting corporate legal operations
05/04SECURITY, SCALABILITY AND COMPLIANCE : what fund managers need from outsourcing
04/04INTERTRUST N : The role of escrow in an increasingly complex M&A environment
01/04Intertrust grants awards to directors and employees under the 2022 award plans
31/03INTERTRUST N : Asia's private capital opt for a careful approach to Distributed Ledger Tec..
31/03US-based CSC Global Launches $2 Billion Cash Offer For the Netherlands' Intertrust
31/03CSC launches recommended all-cash offer for Intertrust shares
30/03INTERTRUST N : Saudi Arabia family offices prepare for IPO and M&A deal surge
25/03INTERTRUST N : Asian private equity investors seek ever more data
24/03INTERTRUST N : The Bahamas is becoming a new hotspot for offshore investing
24/03PRIVATE FUNDS : how to tackle the EU Taxonomy
24/03INTERTRUST N : Overcoming Complexity for Ryder Cup Success​
24/03INTERTRUST N : Private Funds Connected Ep. 1 – The Future of SPV Fund Servicing feat..
17/03INTERTRUST N : How to reap the rewards of the residential property market
17/03Publication of Intertrust's new segment disclosure
16/03INTERTRUST N : US managers drive boom in demand for Irish funds
15/03INTERTRUST N : Introducing Australia's Corporate Collective Investment Vehicle
11/03THE GREAT MIGRATION : opportunities and risks for real estate investors
10/03INTERTRUST N : China's private capital funds seek outsourcing solutions as demand for data..
10/03INTERTRUST N : Swiss economic recovery to continue in 2022
09/03INTERTRUST N : UK leading the way for gender diversity say private capital CFOs
09/03INTERTRUST N : How to succeed in Singapore – five tips to boost your business
09/03INTERTRUST N : Group Company Statement – Ukraine
08/03INTERNATIONAL WOMEN'S DAY 2022 : how we can support women in the workplace
04/03SINGAPORE'S 2022 BUDGET : the main points
03/03INTERTRUST N : Private capital CFOs say timely, accurate data is becoming a must in Wester..
03/03INTERTRUST N : Switzerland's ‘multiplier effect' makes it ripe for SPAC targets
02/03INTERTRUST N : How to navigate Singapore's tax system
28/02INTERTRUST N : ESMA's new automated register makes notification of STS securitisations in ..
24/02INTERTRUST N : Corporate service providers undergo an SaaS transformation
23/02INTERTRUST N : Almost 20% of global private capital CFOs have yet to begin integrating ESG..
23/02INTERTRUST N : Demand grows for US private capital CFOs to provide live data on portfolio ..
23/02INTERTRUST N : UK private capital market faces slew of regulation and demands for data
22/02INTERTRUST N : Risks and opportunities in the private credit boom
18/02Intertrust published Annual Report 2021
16/02INTERTRUST N : How to pick a third-party fund administrator
11/02INTERTRUST N : Six private equity trends in Asia-Pacific in 2022
10/02Intertrust N.V. Reports Earnings Results for the Fourth Quarter Ended December 31, 2021
10/02Intertrust N.V. Reports Earnings Results for the Full Year Ended December 31, 2021
10/02ULTIMATE BENEFICIAL OWNERS : new rules mean Cyprus-based companies must act now
10/02TRANSCRIPT : Intertrust N.V., Q4 2021 Earnings Call, Feb 10, 2022
10/02Intertrust sees record pipeline in Q4; underlying revenue +1.5% in FY 2021
03/02BLENDED ASSETS, ESG, FLUID WORKING : Our fund industry predictions for 2022
02/02THE ESG DATA CHALLENGE : choosing what to measure – and how
25/01INTERTRUST N : European SPAC market looks set for a busy 2022
21/01INTERTRUST N : ESG investment drivers are creating unstoppable momentum
20/01INTERTRUST N : The flexible working trends attracting new business set-ups to the Netherla..
17/01DOING BUSINESS IN GERMANY : five tips for avoiding costly mistakes
13/01Intertrust misses targets as attrition rates hurt productivity
13/01Intertrust provides Q4 and full year 2021 trading update; transaction with CSC progress..
13/01Intertrust N.V. Reports Revenue Results for the Fourth Quarter and Full-Year Ended Dece..
12/01INTERTRUST N : Improving private fund transparency in the digital age
12/01PRIVATE CREDIT : risk management tips for investors and fund managers
12/01INTERTRUST N : Is cryptocurrency a safe investment for private wealth?
11/01INTERTRUST N : What does the Great Resignation mean for 2022 recruitment trends?
05/01INTERTRUST N : Driving the market for green mortgages in the Netherlands
04/01INTERTRUST N : Private equity technology trends in 2022
2021CSC Seeks Dutch Regulatory Approval For Intertrust Acquisition
2021Update on intended public offer for Intertrust by CSC
2021DOING BUSINESS IN SWITZERLAND : how to thrive in one of the world's most stable countries
2021TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION : the cost of being left behind
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