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03/12ICE REVIEW : Higher Soy Complex Pushes Up Canola
03/12ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Strength in Edible Oils Underpinning Increases
03/12Intercontinental Exchange Reports 11% Growth in November Average Daily Volume
03/12Intercontinental Exchange Reports November 2021 Statistics
02/12ICE CLOSING REVIEW : Sharp Gains for Old Crop Canola
02/12ICE Canola Swings Higher on Rail Closure, U.S. and Europe Prices
02/12Irish Life Investment Managers Selects ICE Index for Irish Life Euro Sustainable Corpor..
02/12Irish Life Investment Managers Selects ICE Index for Irish Life Euro Sustainable Corpor..
02/12ICE Publishes Contract Rules and Procedures and Crude Oil Quality Specification for Mid..
01/12ICE REVIEW : Old Crop Canola Keeps Gains as Crude Oil Falls Back
01/12ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Moderate Increases for Old Crop Prices
30/11Intercontinental Exchange Chairman & CEO Jeffrey C. Sprecher to Present at the Goldman ..
30/11ICE REVIEW : Big Losses for Canola
30/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Prices Tumble With Profit-Taking
30/11ICE Expands Environmental Complex with the Launch of a Global Carbon Futures Index Cont..
29/11S&P Upgrades Intercontinental Exchange To 'A-' From 'BBB+' On Reduced Structural Subord..
29/11ICE REVIEW : Canola Fails to Hang On to Early Gains
29/11ICE Canola Declines Following Overnight Highs
29/11ICE Announces That One Million Contracts Have Traded on ICE Futures Abu Dhabi, Equivale..
26/11ICE CANADA MORNING COMMENT : Hard Downturn in Crude Oil Weakens Edible Oils
24/11ICE CANADA MORNING COMMENT : Canola Prices At or Near New Highs
23/11ICE CANADA MORNING COMMENT : Canola Stepping Away From Overnight Losses
22/11ICE Announces Planned Launch of Phase One of ICE Risk Model 2.0, a VaR-Based Portfolio ..
22/11Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. Announces Planned Launch of Phase One of Ice Risk Model..
22/11ICE Canola Futures Gaining Some Ground
22/11Home BancShares Completes Listing Transfer to the New York Stock Exchange
19/11ICE REVIEW : Lower Edible Oils Pull Down Canola
19/11ICE Canola Prices Lower With Edible Oil Declines
19/11ICE Benchmark Administration Provides Update Regarding LIBORģ Cessation and "Synthetic"..
18/11ICE REVIEW : Old Crop Up, New Crop Down
18/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Prices Mixed as Edible Oils Pull Both Ways
18/11ICE to Host Carbon Credit Auctions for Permian Global, a Leading Developer of Large-Sca..
17/11ICE CANADA WEEKLY OUTLOOK : Rolling Out of January Canola Starts Early
17/11ICE REVIEW : Rolling Out Pulls Down January Contract
17/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Higher Soy Complex Pulling Canola Along
16/11ICE REVIEW : Canola Reclaims Some Lost Ground
16/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Prices Climbing on Sharp Gains in Soyoil
16/11Intercontinental Exchange Publishes 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report
15/11ICE REVIEW : Canola Down on Chicago and European Prices, But Off Lows
15/11HeadHunter Group Third-Quarter Results Climb Amid Strong Demand for Candidates; Lifts F..
15/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Soyoil Pushing Down Values
12/11ICE REVIEW : More Contract Highs for Canola
12/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Specs Pushing Prices Higher
12/11ICE CANADA MORNING COMMENT : Canola moves away from new highs
10/11ICE CANOLA MORNING COMMENT : Canola Rising With Comparable Oils
10/11ICE Expands ESG Data Offering to 2 Million Fixed Income Securities
09/11What the Fed report reveals
09/11ICE CANADA MORNING COMMENT : Canola Recovering From Overnight Losses
09/11ANALYST RECOMMENDATIONS : Intercontinental Exchange, Airbnb, Moderna, Qualcomm, Telus Corp..
08/11ICE CANADA MORNING COMMENT : Canola Steps Further Back to Start New Week
08/11ICE Plans to Launch Four MSCI Climate Paris Aligned Index Futures Contracts
08/11Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. Plans to Launch Four MSCI Climate Paris Aligned Index F..
08/11ICE Benchmark Administration Launches U.S. Dollar SOFR ICE Swap Rateģ for Use as a Benc..
08/11Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. Benchmark Administration Launches U.S. Dollar SOFR ICE ..
05/11ICE GRAIN/OILSEED REVIEW : Canola Falls Again, But Well Off Daily Lows
05/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : 'Gargantuan Speculative Long Position' Could Be Major Problem
05/11Intercontinental Exchange to Launch Nature-Based Solutions Carbon Credit Futures Contra..
05/11ICE to Launch its First Nature-Based Solutions Carbon Credit Futures Contract
05/11Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. to Launch its First Nature-Based Solutions Carbon Credi..
04/11ICE GRAIN/OILSEED REVIEW : Lower on Chicago, European Prices and Profit-Taking
04/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Prices Down Due to Weaker Soy Complex
04/11UK to Auction Carbon Permits Under Emissions Trading System in 2022
03/11ICE CANADA WEEKLY OUTLOOK : Crude Oil at Heart of Canola's Fate
03/11Intercontinental Exchange Publishes 2022 Calendar For UK's Carbon Trading
03/11ICE CLOSING REVIEW : Canola Pulls Away From Losses, Finishing Mixed
03/11ICE Publishes 2022 Auction Calendar for UK Emissions Trading Scheme
03/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Lower Crude Pushing Canola Down
03/11ICE Connects to Adroit's Execution Management System
03/11Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. Connects to Adroit?s Execution Management System
03/11Intercontinental Exchange Reports October 2021 Statistics
02/11INSIDER SELL : Intercontinental Exchange
02/11ICE CLOSING REVIEW : Rally in Canola Continues
02/11ICE CANOLA MIDDAY : Canola Continues to Push Higher
01/11ICE CLOSING REVIEW : Canola Finishes on the Plus Side
01/11Helios Technologies Completes Listing Transfer to the New York Stock Exchange
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